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The MirroR

The Mirror is a research project to produce fluid, human-like movement
in a mechanical body. 

The Mirror Project

How can we teach a robot to perform? To dance?

Young performers start to learn their craft through imitation. Beginning dancers learn by imitating more experienced dancers. A common exercise in early actor training is “The Mirror,” where one performer precisely copies the movements of another.

This is where we began with Baxter. 

Our aim is to produce autonomous, fluid, expressive behavior. 

Progress of our research


The mirror Production Team:


                                                                                       Lead Artist                                 Lance Gharavi

                                                                                       Roboticists                             Srikanth Saripalli

                                                                                                                                            Sai Vempralla

                                                                                       Systems Design                      Matthew Ragan

                                                                                                                                           Ian Shelansky

                                                                                       Sound Design                     Steve Christiansen

                                                                                       Movement Analyst                         Becky Dyer

                                                                                       Dancer                                        Molly Schenck

“Robots are interesting because they make us strange. It's what great art does.”

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