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port of mars

Port of Mars is a pilot project of the Interplanetary Initiative.

Port of Mars is a rehearsal for the future

Some of the hardest problems in space exploration aren't technological. They’re social.

How can we best sustain healthy human communities in space?

To find answers, we're engaging the public in the scientific process. Our method is play.

Port of Mars is a game.

Players are citizens of Mars charged with working together to provide for the sustained welfare of the community. 

All player actions are tracked and analyzed. Researchers examine what behaviors worked, and what failed. Each instance of gameplay is a simulation, a modeling exercise for future human communities in space.

Port of Mars team (abridged):

Christina Carrasquilla

Lorenzo Faivre

Lance Gharavi

Tanya Harrison

Marco Janssen
Allen Lee
Liz Leo
Titus Lunter
Nick Moran

Brian Nelson

Christine Nguyen

Calvin Pritchard

Michael Yichao

Patrick Young

Interplanetary Initiative - Port of Mars

Interplanetary Initiative - Port of Mars

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“The future” is not a name for something that is particularly likely to happen. It is a movie we project onto the vast, vague screen of our collective imagination. It is a theatre in which we stage the visionary dramas of our brightest dreams, and our darkest fears.

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