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A Brief Anniversary of Time

A one-man show about time and everything else.

More than a quarter of a century ago, a slim book by a British physicist became an international blockbuster phenomenon. Steven Hawking’s A Brief History of Time explained in layman’s terms such cosmic imponderables as the Big Bang, black holes, imaginary numbers, and time travel.

Lance Gharavi’s one-man show, A Brief Anniversary of Time, is a celebration of Hawking’s magnificent achievement, but it is also a very personal story of three generations. Gharavi’s struggle with all-too-human questions of love, loss, memory, and time are juxtaposed against the vast, mind-bending wonders of Hawking’s universe. Created in collaboration with a team of artists and scientists including Lawrence Krauss, Paul Davies, and Jim Bell, the play weaves science and personal narrative in a moving tale that’s part NOVA, part memoire, and part existential crisis machine.

Production Team:

Lead Artist                               Lance Gharavi

Media Designer                      Daniel Fine

Assistant Media Designer      Boyd Branch

Sound Designer                      Stephen Christensen

Production Designer              Anastasia Schneider

Stage Manager                       Aubrey Grace Watkins


Jim Bell

Paul Davies

Soma De

Lawrence Krauss

Maulik Parikh

Evan Scannapieco

Tanmay Vachaspati

Patrick Young

Featured Voices:

Chris Danowski

Bonnie Eckard

Tyler Eglen

Darius Gharavi

Jeremy Gillett

Chelsea Pace
Julie Rada

Really stunning work! Totally captivating. I felt both humbled and ennobled by the piece. An exemplar of mediated performance.

- Jeff McMahon

This is spectacular (literally). It feels otherworldly but is really this-worldly, Painted with intelligence, love, and a whole lotta finesse. 

 - Chris Danowski

If NOVA could break your heart and put it back together.

- Brian Hendricks 

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